About Aidan


Aidan Bliss compassionately supports people on their journey to heal themselves and come into alignment with their own authentic power.

Through her healing work, she intuitively and gently facilitates people in moving through life’s challenges. These often show up as physical and emotional energy blockages.

Aidan draws deeply on her empathic, psychic and divination abilities. She is a divine channel, Reiki Master and Teacher, who can open doors to help people discover their own innate healing power and gifts.

Aidan feels powerfully drawn to help people realize their own divinity and the pure love that resides within them already. She is passionate about radical self-love and self-acceptance.

Aidan holds an intense reverence for her own connection to spirit and considers her healing work to be a sacred gift. She approaches everything in her life through this honoured perspective.

If you are looking for transformational healing, learning, or to simply feel more aligned, Aidan will gently guide you to come into alignment with yourself.

Since my powerful realization of seeing empathy as a gift versus empathy as a curse, it has been my passion to serve as a compassionate and healing channel, using this sacred power, for my current life and body, and of lives already lived.

My Journey

My first experience with energy work was a Reiki session with a Reiki Master, who would go on to become my teacher.

I went for a session with her as the result of a very vivid dream, in which I was a Reiki Master. I woke up confused but intrigued, so I booked a session based on a recommendation from someone.

What transpired during that session was very visceral, beautiful and extremely transformative for me. It changed the course of my life and I am forever grateful.

I couldn’t “unsee” what I had witnessed, the wildness and beauty of the life force energy coursing through me. I had repressed emotions that this energy work was bringing closer to the surface of my consciousness.

Everything now seemed different. I had a deep restlessness for more meaning, more life and I felt a desperate need for there to be more than just this physical world.

Like many intuitive empaths, I had deeply buried my abilities for reasons of self-preservation, which I didn’t know how to manage properly at the time.

I was beginning to unravel and unpack some very old experiences that I had put away away from my childhood. Experiences of spirit communication; intense animal encounters with wordless but meaningful communication; deep knowings of events that hadn’t occurred yet, to name a few.

As I began moving through the Usui Reiki Levels, I absolutely loved learning how to work with energy!

With each completed level and attunement, I fell more in love with the reciprocal nature of the healing energy. I watched in amazement as my psychic and mediumship abilities resurfaced, blossomed and grew.

Also on my journey, I have now taken 3 levels of Psychic Development Courses and Advanced Mentorship as well.

I am always looking for more tools and learning to enhance my intuitive healing practice. Ones that will help others to feel more aligned with their own divinity and spirit.